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Posted on August 06 2016

Note: This article was first published in The Philippine Star Supreme on August 15, 2016

Dear Tita Witty,

I have this ka-MU – my professor. At first I was like “Kebs lang ‘di naman siya gwapo.”  He would always ask me to come to the faculty room just to ask about my performance in class, if I studied my lessons and did my homework. Months passed and eventually we became close, just like how he is to other students.

One time he offered na ihatid ako kasi nakita niyang nag-aabang ako ng taxi. He said we’d go to McDonald’s first kasi may ibibigay daw siyang ideas about the thesis. So I felt weird because he seemed to be really concerned and at the same time kilig din. When we got there nun pala sasabihin lang niya na “I like you” so I went ballistic.


I asked for time to think about it because I’m not ready to commit. What will I do, Tita? Sasagutin ko ba?


3rd year college student from Vito Cruz


Dear 3rd year college student from Vito Cruz,

My gosh! You mean he made you think na kakain kayo sa McDo? Naisip mo nang umorder ng nuggets and fries and choco-fudge sundae tapos  biglang hindi pala? No wonder you went ballistic.

First of all, are student-teacher relationships  allowed in your school? You might get expelled (and he might lose his job).  I think that should be the real concern here

MU naman na pala kayo kahit ‘di siya kagwapuhan. You’ve been entertaining him all this time.  What would stop you from doing  “MU things” whether you commit to him or not?

Seriously, ‘neng, mag-aral ka na lang muna.  Hindi naman bawal mag-boyfriend, but if your studies are at stake, I suggest you get your priorities straight. Let’s make our parents and Dr. Jose Rizal proud, okay?


Tita Witty


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