Did I digitally do the right thing?

Posted on August 06 2016

Note: This article was first published in The Philippine Star Supreme in August 29, 2015


Dear Tita Witty,

Please call me Sally. I am 23 years old and still an NBSB (as you get older, you get more ashamed of this fact. LOL)

After a gazillon times of viewing his fb profile, I finally had the courage to unfriend him. Yes, and I hope everyday I'll find the courage not to check on his profile.

This was how I met Harry: He sent me a message on Facebook. I usually ignore strangers'  messages, however at that time maybe I was a little bored and he did not start with the usual "hello". He was smart, sensible and witty (kagaya mo,pero mas witty ka). We started to chat more often. We’d send each other voice messages and  he’d call me through FB. I’d sometimes decline his calls since I was too shy and there was also a language barrier (we speak different languages).

Eventually, we became very busy in our careers that the communication became less frequent from daily to weekly to monthly and it just faded away after more than a year. We also never had a chance to see each other in person.

He now lives abroad and I’ve moved to Manila. It's been almost 7 months since we last talked to each other.

Did I do the  right thing? Of totally eliminating him in my life? Of taking the first step of moving on and moving forward? It's hard because he meant a lot and he did not know that. But it's too late. I don't want to hold on to something I did not have. :(

Sincerely yours,



Dear Sally,


First of all, there’s nothing to be ashamed of in being NBSB. It could mean you had your priorities straight when you were a student, and you set your standards now that you’re working.  ‘Yun  nga lang, ingat ka dahil ang mapili, nauuwi sa bungi.

Sorry to break it to you but I think Harry was just looking for a pastime then and you happened to respond. For all you know, he was also chatting with other people at the time.

Being busy with one’s career is not an excuse not to have time. Kung si Adam Levine nga na namamayagpag ang career, nakuha pang mag-love life at magka-abs, si Harry pa kaya na I’m sure wala sa kalingkingan ng naabot (at kagwapuhan) ni Adam.  Si Mark Zuckerberg din, ‘di ba? Wait, ewan ko kung may abs siya pero alam ko he was able to build an empire while having a steady girlfriend who would eventually become his wife.  Ano ba naman ‘yung mag-chat lang.

And so to answer your question, yes, you did the right thing. Like I always say, second step ‘yan sa pag-move on (first step kasi ‘yung pag-delete ng number niya sa phone mo. But since you don’t have each other’s number, derecho ka na sa second step). So, congrats!

I hope you get over him very soon. At least you don’t have memories of places you’ve gone to together, or his scent.  O malay mo may body odor pala, eh ‘di sinwerte ka pa pala.


Tita Witty


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