He likes your posts - but does he like you?

Posted on August 06 2016

Note: This article was first published in The Philippine Star Supreme on August 1, 2015

Dear Tita Witty,

I have this crush on someone whom I met at a vintage store opening; he is one of the artists who make the merchandise for the store. I just really feel we’d hit it off because it seems we have the same interests and we have a lot of common friends who come from diverse backgrounds. I’d go to the store’s events to see him and see the merchandise as well.

Kaya sobrang saya ko nung nakatanggap ako ng friend request from him! Now I feel like we’re getting to know each other through “hearts” and “like” on IG and Facebook. I still would like to send him a direct message to introduce myself but I am shy. Alam kong hindi na dapat nahihiya ngayon kasi digital na. Should I make the first move? I’ve experienced rejection before and it was so painful. I’ve also shut down suitors before kaya natatakot ako na baka magka-domino effect at tumanda akong dalaga.

Help, Tita Witty!


Digital Age Torpe

Dear Digital Age Torpe,

Well that escalated quickly.  Mula sa dilemma mo kung mag-DM ka sa kanya to tatandang dalaga agad?!

Eto  lang bang masasabi ko: There’s no harm in trying. As with all other things, you’ll never know if you never try. ‘Yun nga lang, dapat ready kang ma-seenzone. Or ma-delete. Or worse, ma-block. Or worst, magka-TRO.  CHEKA. Go, send him a DM. If he responds amicably, good for you! However, you should be able to see if he’s just being nice or if he’s interested. If he asks you things about yourself and if he’s not the one who ends the conversation, then he just might be interested. Pero ‘pag ang sagot niya laging “Okay” at “Haha”, wala na ‘yan, ‘te.

Relaks, DM lang ‘yan, malayo sa totoong buhay.

And by the way, mas malungkot tumandang mahirap kesa tumandang dalaga.


Tita Witty

Send in your tatanga-tanga sa pag-ibig questions to deartitawitty@gmail.com or to facebook.com/wittywillsavetheworld.



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