Is it destiny or density?

Posted on August 06 2016

Note: This article was first published in The Philippine Star Supreme on August 8, 2015

Dear Tita Witty,

I’ve been friends with this guy for 10 years now. We have a lot in common: our love for God, for music (we sing in the choir), for arts, and nature trips. We also both love Sarah G. and Toni G. movies, as well as That Thing Called Tadhana (sabay plug).

It was around eight years ago when he confessed that he liked me, and I told him I liked him back. But we were young then and we were both trying to build our careers. So we agreed to wait for two more years  until we are both established. However, after two years, I had a boyfriend. When we broke up after two years, siya naman ang nagka-girlfriend. Ang sakit, Tita Witty, so I decided to move on.


After four years, I heard that he and his girlfriend had broken up. I was surprised kasi ang alam ko ikakasal na sila. Then nagko-communicate kami ulit (though not that often). We would go out again with our friends. I don't know if I’m just assuming, but when he looks at me, it’s the same way that he used to. When we talk, it's as if there's no tomorrow. A friend told me that he likes someone but I don't know if it's me or someone else. Pero Tita Witty, wala kasi siyang sinasabi o ginagawa bukod dun. HIndi naman niya ako tinetext lagi o hinahatid o inaayang kumain.


Should I wait for him still? I don't know if this is destiny or what. That it took us 10 years for love to find us. Pero ayoko na rin kasing umasa. Do you think he still likes me? What should I do?



Waiting for Forever




Dear Waiting for Forever,


So sino ang favorite niyang leading man ni Toni? Which Sarah-John Lloyd movie does he like best? And which Sarah-Gerald movie does he like better? Pa’no kitang matutulungan niyan kung ‘di ko alam?! Cheka.


I don’t think you should wait. Even if he likes you, if he’s not doing anything about it, wala rin, ‘di ba? I know how tempting and comforting it is to romanticize things, but you have to see the reality. It may seem like it’s the perfect timing. Imagine, after 10 years! Ang sarap paniwalaan, ang sarap ikwento. But no, love hasn’t found you. Because if it has, you wouldn’t have written this letter.


Go and see other people. You might be surprised to find someone who makes it all seem so easy – and perfectly timed at that. Someone who will make you a fan of tadhana–  ‘yung destiny, hindi lang nung film (sabay plug).



Tita Witty


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