A long-distance proposal?

Posted on May 02 2016

First published on Philippine Star Supreme April 16, 2016

Dear Tita Witty,

I'm in a long distance relationship with this guy I met in a dating app. He's a foreigner, and it's my first time to be in this kind of relationship so I have no clue what I got myself into. At first it was really just for curiosity's sake that I said yes to him after a few months of exchanging messages over the internet. But things got out of hand when I realized I was already falling in love with a guy who's miles and miles away from me. I am hesitant to take the risk of investing so much affection to this guy though. Is he serious? Is this for real? He said he loves me and wants me to be his wife and be a father to my kid. He also plans to come here and visit me. Should  I just wait until then before I believe everything he's telling me? Can you give me some advice about long distance relationship?



Dear Maria,

Can I just say na winner ‘yung “I have no clue what I got myself into” at “Things got out of hand”. Mga patunay na nakakapagpawala ng talino ang love. Na para bang tinanggalan ka ng free will at para kang itinulak sa bangin nang hindi mo alam kaya nahulog ka. ‘Yung parang pumasok ka sa fast food restaurant nang hindi sinasadya tapos hindi mo namalayan inorder mo lahat ng nasa menu at nagulat kang iba na pala ang dami ng Large fries ngayon, pang tatlong tao pala so dapat Medium lang pero mag-isa ka lang at nandun na sa harap mo kaya inubos mo na rin kunwari hindi mo gustong ganun karami ang makain. Hay.

I think more than the distance, it’s his capability of being a father and a provider that should be your utmost concern. It seems that him visiting you is just an option when it should be a given. I also think you have to consider a whole lot more than your feelings. If you agree to be his wife, where would you guys live? Kung dito sa Pilipinas, how will he make a living here? Or if you and your child move to his country, do you think that would be the best for your kid? Or wait - do you think LDR pa rin kayo kahit maging mag-asawa man kayo? Then that would be like being married to an OFW. Except that you’re the F.

 I cannot say if he is serious or not, if he is for real, kasi kahit naman kaharap na natin, minsan naloloko pa rin tayo. And I’m pretty sure maraming nagstart sa online who made it work in real life.

May your decision be the best for you and your kid.


Tita Witty


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