Why her and not me?

Posted on April 30 2016

First published on Philippine Star Supreme on April 2, 2016

Dear Tita Witty,

I was blockmates with this guy. He was touchy and needy and sweet when he wanted to be, and so was I, and we both seriously liked other people. I'm not even sure we really liked each other that much, but we had fun sometimes. Anyway. We wound up fooling around several times, and afterwards, he became hot and cold. Parang yung song lang ni Katy Perry? Anyway, eventually na-realize ko na I need more, and I deserve better, so I ended it. Mabilis naman siya nakahanap ng iba--only this time, naging serious girlfriend niya and they're so happy together. It's been more than a year, and I'm happily single and over the whole thing, but sometimes, I really need to know: why her and not me?


Wonder Girl


Dear Wonder Girl,

Look at it this way. I’m sure you’ve turned down some guys and probably said yes to one or more (sana hindi sabay). So ask yourself: Why this one particular guy and not the other one? Dahil ba mas gwapo? Mas matalino? Mas pantay-pantay ang mga ngipin niya? Mas maayos ang table manners niya? Dahil ba alam niyang “equipment” at hindi “equipments”? O dahil alam niyang “luggage” at hindi “luggages”? There was no specific reason, right? You just liked that particular guy. Maybe he made you laugh or you got along really well. Or he happened to be there at the right time. Whatever it was, you just knew. And so you chose him. Just like he chose her.

Don’t analyze; it’s not productive nor helpful. No,  wala ‘yan sa ganda ng mukha o sa liit ng waistline. Nothing you could’ve done would’ve changed his mind – kahit pa ginawa mo pati ang thesis niya. Siguro kung hinabol mo siya sa aiport, baka pwede pa. Kahit wala naman siyang flight.

I honestly wish I could give you an exact answer but I can’t. Kung siya kaya ang tanungin mo?


Tita Witty

Send in your tatanga-tanga sa pag-ibig questions to deartitawitty@gmail.com or to facebook.com/wittywillsavetheworld.


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