The Cutest Baby's Celebration Guest Book



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Your baby is unique kaya pati keepsake ng special occasions, dapat unique.

Make your baby's special day more memorable with this slumbook-type of guest book by Tita Witty! Add a special touch to the celebration as baby's ninongs and ninangs will surely have fun signing this. Baby may not have any memory how momentous this day is, but having this guest book to browse through when s/he gets older will remind him/her how you made it so.


  • Good for 101 guests 
  • 1 page per guest
  • 5 multiple choice type of questions per page (same set per page/guest)
  • 7 inches x 7 inches wide, 0.65 inch thick
  • Hardbound
  • Each page is made of thick, special paper
  • Not customizable :)

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