Who's Tita Witty?

Witty Will Save the World, Co. or Tita Witty for short (at para feeling close tayo) creates fun journals and notebooks that cater to and understand the humor of the fun-loving Pinoy. Tita Witty's products speak like us, have fun like us, and laugh at the same jokes that we find funny - all in the hopes of saving lungkot- and pag-ibig-stricken Pinoys one witty product at a time.

Tita Witty’s first ever product, The “I-was-supposed-to-get-that-coffeehouse-planner-but-I-got-fat-on-the-10th-frappe” Planner 2010 was an unexpected hit and unintentional business venture, making the founders think there is room for witty journals na nagta-Tagalog. This was then followed by other kinds of journals such as the nostalgic slumbook, a wedding guestbook, and annual planners. In 2015, in their dream of becoming a full-fledged publishing company, they released their first storybook, The Arrow with a Heart Pierced Through Him.

Past Works

The "Akala mo lang, wala nang slumbook pero meron, meron, meron!" Slumbook

 The Real Wedding of the Century Wedding Guestbook

 The “Ayoko na siyang isipin, busy ako” Notebook


The “I-was-supposed-to-get-that-coffeehouse-planner-but-I-got-fat-on-the-10th-frappe” Planner 2010


The “Relaks, puso lang ‘yan, malayo sa bituka” Planner 2011

The (your MMK life story here) Story Book 2013


The “Relaks, pag-ibig lang ‘yan, parang kagat lang ng langgam” Planner 2014


 The “Relaks, puso lang ‘yan, malayo sa bituka” Planner 2015


 The “Papayat ka rin at dudurugin sila” and Other Mysteries  Planner 2016