The "I don't know about you, but I'm feeling 18, too! Debut Guestbook



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Everything will be alright, if you keep this next to you!

Or if you pass it around to your guests at your debut! This is your day and you deserve only the coolest - even the guestbook. Make your friends laugh and get to know them better by asking them if they think they're the Taylor to your Selena or the Gigi to your Hadid. Do they hope for you to vote wisely or write legibly? Do they wish for you to have wisdom in challenging times or miracles during finals?

  • Perfect for simple and grand celebrations alike - sa hotel man 'yan o sa bahay
  • Good for 101 guests 
  • 1 page per guest
  • 6 multiple choice questions per page
  • With 4 blank pages for your titos/titas to sign on
  • 7 inches x 7 inches wide, 0.65 inch thick
  • Hardbound
  • Each page is made of thick, special paper

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