Ma'am, 'wag po.

Posted on August 06 2016

Note: This article was first published in The Philippine Star Supreme on June 20, 2015


Dear Tita Witty,

I am a manager of a BPO company and I have a huge crush on one of my staff who’s eight years younger. Sobrang bango at cute kasi, Tita! Sometimes, I can’t help myself from flirting at hinahanap ko na talaga siya pagdating ko sa office. He’s also sweet and we like similar things.

Another one of my staff and good friend of mine na beki likes him, too. He has stopped talking to me since I’ve started flirting with Cute Staff.

What should I do, Tita Witty? There’s the age gap, the conflicting positions in the company, and my beki friend. Honestly, hindi ko rin naman alam if he likes me.


Boss with a Crush on Her Staff

Dear Boss with a Crush on Her Staff,

Ang dami mong pinoproblema—as you said, the age gap, the conflicting positions in the company and your beki friend—eh hindi naman sila problema! Hiyang-hiya sa’yo ang mga nagi-gyera sa Iraq!

If it’s just a little crush, relax, don’t panic, ma’am. Just do your usual business. Be your usual feisty, achiever self, and let it do the love magic for you. Power, after all, is sexy. If Cute Staff doesn’t notice, relax, don’t panic again. As what Tita Jennifer Paige said: It’s just a little crush, not like you faint, everytime you touch. Unless… Don’t tell me, mahal mo na?! Kung gan’on, better check your company's policies. That is, if you want to keep your job. (Minsan talaga sagabal ang trabaho sa pag-ibig, ‘no?)

As for your beki friend, magkaiba naman yata kayo ng market. So may the best market win!

Tita Witty


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