The Akala mo lang Walang Forever pero Meron, Meron, Meron! Wedding Guestbook



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Forget "Best wishes!" and "Congratulations!" all over your wedding guestbook. This is your day and you deserve only the best. Give your guests a good laugh while answering the questions that really matter: What was their favorite part of the wedding? Was it when the host said "Please proceed to the buffet area."? Did they bring a gift o nakikain lang? And most importantly, did they find the bride beautiful?

Good for 101 guests (na magsasabing maganda ka)

1 page per guest

5 multiple choice type of questions per page (same set per page/guest)

With 4 blank pages for your ninongs/ninangs and lolos/lolas to sign on

7 inches x 7 inches wide, 0.65 inch thick


Each page is made of cream-colored thick special paper

Props and stickers in photo are not included

Only comes is this color (nude).


Not customizable :)


Save P100 when you order the wedding guestbook + vow books bundle.

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