The Pang-Real Life Friends Slumbook

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The Gen Y Slumbook for the Gen W X Y Z and millennials  is here!

Get to know your real-life friends better with the slumbook that asks the right questions and gives valid options! What are their ambitions? Yumaman o Pumayat? How about their favorite ab of Chris Hemsworth? Is their childhood crush still cute? Would they choose pag-ibig na wagas over Atom Araullo? And because JAPAN (Just Always Pray At Night) and ITALY (I Trust And Love You) are sooo 90s, the dedication options are made bagay for the millenials like OMAN (O, Maging Alerto Naman) and USA (U So Awesome).


  • Good for 40 friends, lovers, or nothing
  • 4 pages per friend/lover/nothing
  • Filled with questions about love, life, love life, past, present, future, and John Lloyd
  • 6 inches x 6 inches
  • Hardbound
  • Each page is made of smooth cream paper
  • Who's Tita Witty?

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